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Kitchen exhaust cleaning Edmonton

Kitchen exhaust cleaning Edmonton

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning EdmontonKitchen exhaust cleaning Edmonton is a vital services performed by A1 SCS to local restaurants, hotels, bakeries, food trucks and any other business that has a commercial kitchen. Kitchen exhaust cleaning Edmonton is required by national fire code in the NFPA 96, which states that all restaurants must have their kitchen exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis depending on the volume of food cooked.

Not all kitchen exhaust cleaning companies are created equal and it’s important to know that the company you hire is certified, insured, and has the right equipment to protect your commercial kitchen. Many service providers only clean the exhaust hood and completely ignore all attached ductwork in the fan, this is not to code in your system is not cleaned properly leaving it susceptible to grease fires.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning associations

Reputable companies will be certified for kitchen exhaust cleaning edmonton by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, Pressure Washers North America or Phil Acklands. A1 SCS is certified by all of them making sure we are the best in the business. A1 SCS also has a full training program that has been created in a house with a complete kitchen system for training at our Edmonton facility where our new technicians complete a course before working on your kitchen exhaust system.

Most companies do not perform kitchen exhaust cleaning to any standard but here at A1 SCS we clean above any industry standard that has been set. A1 SCS is ready to work for your business, we value all our clients and strive to meet your needs in a timely manner. We work nights when your kitchen is closed so that we don’t disrupt your restaurants schedule.

For quality kitchen exhaust cleaning Edmonton call us at 1-844-992-1727.