Kitchen exhaust cleaning fort McMurray

Kitchen exhaust cleaning fort McMurray

Kitchen exhaust cleaning in Fort McMurray comes with some special challenges for working in the surrounding areas including the oil fields. A1SCS has created a reputation in this area as being the best in the business and in strong part due to our safety program.

Safety should always be the chief concern for every company but when you’re working in the oil sands safety stands on a pedestal of its own. A1SCS employees full-time NCSO safety officers to make sure that our workers are safe and that we comply to all regulations not only to meet our COR standard but also the stringent standards of oilfield companies.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning standards

As you can see on her safety and certifications page we don’t stop at just the basics for performing our work we go above and beyond making sure that our company meets or exceeds standards of three kitchen exhaust cleaning associations and there were NFPA 96 compliant.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is challenging and can be dangerous if the proper procedures are not followed, our staff is exposed to confined space, chemicals, heights and other dangers when performing their job. A1SCS full-time safety team make sure that our workers go home after every shift will still being able to perform their duties to our clients. Our technicians have all the proper tickets to make sure that they’re compliant with oilfield work.

For kitchen exhaust cleaning in the Fort McMurray area including the oil fields please call 1-844-992-1727 or email us at

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