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Edmonton Exhaust Hood Cleaning

The city of Edmonton is the northern hub for our exhaust hood cleaning services and the home of our nerve center and training facility. Becoming a kitchen exhaust hood cleaner requires certain skills and our training facility in Edmonton is where it all begins. Once a new hire joins our company they are put into a 20 hour training course on exhaust hood cleaning where they learn the skills to becoming a helper to one of our certified technicians. After completing the course they are required to complete 500 field hours as a helper before they take their Phil Acklands Exhaust Hood Cleaning Technician Course, once this course is completed they become Jr. Technicians and start working as a technician under the watchful eye of a Sr. Technician until they have received an additional 200 hours in the field. After completing one final exam they are given the title of Sr. Exhaust Hood Cleaning Technician and receive a territory of there own.


Cooking grease travels through your exhaust hood system to an exhaust fan on the roof where the hot air is expelled to the outside. When vaporized grease cools it starts to stick to the inside of the ductwork building up over time which can ignite with a simple spark into a raging grease fire that can cause severe building damage and even loss of life. The owner of the restaurant is responsible to ensure that the system has been cleaned properly and is safe and operational. Exhaust hood cleaning is not only for the safety of your staff, customers and the building but it’s also mandated by law. You can go here to see the NFPA 96 rules.


A1 SCS Edmonton Address: 16690 113 Ave NW T5M 2X3


Areas Serviced From The Edmonton Branch

The Edmonton branch performs exhaust hood cleaning or sometimes called range hood cleaning for the following areas surrounding the city of Edmonton:

1. St. Albert

2. Spruce Grove

3. Sherwood Park

4. Leduc

5. Fort Saskatchewan

6. Stony Plain

7. Draton Valley

8. Cold Lake

9. Wetaskiwin

10. Camrose

11. Bonnyville

12. Lloydminster

13. Lac La Biche

14. Jasper

If you are interested in exhaust hood cleaning service from our Edmonton office please contact us at 1-844-992-1727 and we would be happy to provide you with a no obligation estimate.