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A1SCS was founded in Fort McMurray and continues to grow and have a large presence in the Wood Buffalo region. Our Fort McMurray team of exhaust hood cleaners are specially trained for work in restaurants, commercial and industrial situations since many of our clients in this region are in the oil field.

Working in the oil field requires many special pieces of training to meet stringent safety regulations, A1SCS has a fantastic safety record and is a member of many different safety organizations, you can go here to see the list of all safety programs that we are part of. A1SCS also carries all the proper insurances needed to work on oilfield related work sites.

Kitchen exhaust hood systems remove hot air, smoke and odors from your kitchen but their main purpose is to extract the vaporized grease that is a byproduct of cooking safely. If you fail to keep your kitchen exhaust hood system clean you run the risk of a kitchen fire inside your exhaust duct. It"s quite easy to reduce the risk of kitchen fires and the costly downtime associated with them simply by having your kitchen exhaust system cleaned periodically. The professionals at A1SCS we"ll clean your entire exhaust system based on the codes of NFPA 96. This means we will clean the exhaust hood, the ducting, drip cups and the roof mounted fan every time. As an additional service included with our cleaning we will inspect the exhaust fan to make sure that it"s in proper working order and the belts and bearings are not worn out.

A1 SCS Fort McMurray address: 215 B McKay Crescent T9H 4T5

Areas Serviced From The Fort McMurray Branch

The Fort McMurray branch performs exhaust hood cleaning or sometimes referred to as kitchen range hood cleaning for the following areas in the Wood Buffalo Region:

1. City Of Fort McMurray

2. Anzac

3. Conklin

4. Fort McKay

5. Mildred Lake

6. All camps North of Grasslands on Highway 63

7. All camps North of Grasslands on Highway 881

8. Fort Chipewyan (Winter roads open only)

If you are looking for a no obligation estimate for cleaning your exhaust hood system call 1-844-992-1727 for a free estimate.

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