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Safety & Certifications

Safety & Certifications


Safety & Certifications

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
At A1SCS, we believe there is no job that cannot be done safely. The health and safety of our employees and others at our worksites must be our primary concern in everything we do. It is everyone’s right to go home safe at the end of every shift. For that reason, our safety system meets the rigorous health, safety and environment standards necessary to operate with excellence. Our policies, procedures and practices have been reviewed and approved by outside parties to ensure that we operate with both excellence and safety.

Our safety system is built on a foundation of continual improvement. This concept of continuously striving to be more than we were carries over to other aspects of our operations and is an integral part of what we do and how we do it.

A1SCS is a Partner in Injury Reduction. We have obtained an Alberta Government Certificate of Recognition (COR), which involves regular third party auditing of our Health & Safety system. View our most current certificate here


A1SCS has partnered with and been approved by the following third party verification firms. These verifications enable us to perform work on the most safety conscious worksites currently in operation.



If you have any questions about A1SCS health and safety or our industry certification please call 1-844-992-1727.