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Oilfield Services

oildropDoing business in the oil sands requires special education, safety and loads of insurance. A1SCS has been doing business in the oil field for the past eight years and is fully qualified for work on any site. Please go to our safety and certifications page to learn more here.

All of our technicians have the appropriate training to make sure they are safe working in that environment. You can go to our safety page located here to see all the different safety programs that we are part of.

A1SCS also has full-time NCSO safety officers on staff to provide reporting and assistance to our staff and yours.

We provide to to main services for oil field-based business they are:

1. Exhaust hood cleaning for commercial camp kitchens.

2. Furnace and duct cleaning services for oil field camps and other site buildings.

3. Dryer vent cleaning