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Kitchen Exhaust Inspections

Kitchen Exhaust Inspections

The hood cleaning inspection process is outlined by the NFPA 96 Codes. The codes require hood cleaning businesses to examine the complete kitchen exhaust system and fill out an inspection document. Both kitchen exhaust system cleaning reports and kitchen exhaust system inspection reports are expected to be kept on record by the qualified companies for a term of 3 years. If there is a fire in the kitchen area exhaust system these records can be court ordered to be supplied by the company that carried out the cleaning/ inspection to the court or AHJ “Authority Having Jurisdiction”?Wise companies supply and keep a log of pictures for each cleaning and inspection that they execute due to this reality. Here at A1SCS we keep a virtual record of all after service reports, FLRA’s and other pertinent information that you may require down the road all stored on our private server VOR. You can read more about VOR here.

Kitchen Exhaust System Inspection Process

Whenever a certified A1SCS Hood Cleaning Specialist arrives to your professional cooking operation for a inspection, We proceed with a systematic though procedure. First we introduce ourselves to the customer. We begin at this point with taking the photos of the Hood, Plenum, filters, Duct Work And Fan. After the pictures are obtained, We fill out a photo record. The photo log and pictures are registered in our online system for you to view any time you desire. Once the photo log is completed we fill out a inspection record. This inspection record is filed online in our system so you can review it whenever you feel the need to review it. We then place a sticker label of compliance on your hood. Lastly we email the finished inspection record as well as the photos and picture record to the client. Inspections are a great way to determine accurately just how much grease laden vapors build up in your system as time passes.

Why would you need an inspection of the kitchen exhaust system?

There are numerous reasons a commercial cooking operation could use an inspection. Maybe your system is clean following 1, 3 or 6 months. Thoroughly clean meaning well below 2000 microns of grease. If this is your case it may only require to be inspected rather than cleaned. This of course is much less expensive! An other reason may end up being, you would like to learn if the company you are utilizing is doing there job correctly. After all in this business the organization delivering the hood cleaning service is inspecting their own work. We charge a Flat Fee of Only $250 For A Stickered Inspection! You need to remember that an inspection is definitely not a guess of how much grease laden vapors are in your kitchen exhaust system. It is really an exact rating utilizing a grease comb. We can not place a compliance sticker label on your hood for an inspection if your hood, filters, plenum or duct work is over 2000 microns. Or if your fan is over 3175 microns. Anything above these kind of levels needs to be cleaned!

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