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While repainting is usually a fairly simple and relatively cheap task when it’s done in immediately available locations it can end up being dramatically more demanding and expensive when tackling substantial commercial facilities. Properties including water towers, smoke stacks, motorised hoist, turbines, vats and silos may be complicated because a number of the surfaces requiring spray paint are not normally designed to be reached.
high area painting
Traditionally companies have spent substantial sums of money to arrange workers in these places using scaffolding, elevated work platforms man baskets and swing stage to accomplish relatively small amounts of work. Typically these procedures call for diverting vehicles, potentially extensive expensive shut downs and the rentals of expensive specialized machinery. Frequently when painting substantial structures and conducting other raised maintenance work, scaffolding can represent as much as 50% of the expense.

Rope access supplies a more flexible, cost efficient option to paint these large structures. A1 scs’s Technicians can be put in these complicated locations utilizing personal rope systems which are quickly and effortlessly constructed and disassembled. Our service technicians can safely and swiftly rappel or climb to these places to complete surface preparation, and commercial coverings application without having a significant footprint on the ground underneath and without a lot of expensive scaffolding, or heavy equipment.

  • Paint Applications (Brush, Roller or Spray)
  • Paint Removal (Pressure Washing, Sand Blasting, Mechanical)
  • Containment Systems
  • Inspection (NACE Inspectors)
  • Spot fixes and Touch ups
  • Protective Coatings

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