Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clothing not drying, too hot, not looking correct, increased energy bills and much more. The professionals will certainly tell you: it’s not your dryer; it’s your vent and ductwork.
At home, do you discover that your family’s clothes are moist or too hot, and power bills tend to be higher than normal? A1 SCS handles dryer vent cleaning, vent problems, and much more for single as well as multi-family dwellings.

Why clean dryer vents?

Save energy and money: Blocked vents cause a clothes dryer to function harder which costs much more and reduces the length of the life of the appliance.
Cleaning a obstructed or restricted vent system will decrease drying time.
Excessive lint creates a fire hazard.
A1 SCS’s digital photography system verifies our work and demonstrates our outstanding quality control. Most clothes dryer vents need to be cleaned out once a year. However, depending on the actual age of the dryer, frequency of use, and the length of the vent, a clothes dryer vent might require attention more often.

Reduce the #1 Fire Hazard

Clogged clothes dryer vents are the primary cause of residential fires in North America. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there are an approximated annual 15,500 fires, ten fatalities, 310 injuries, and over $84,000,000 in property damage resulting through clothes dryers.

Indoor Air Quality

Lastly, indoor air quality is a significant issue for building proprietors; accumulation of lint and decreased exhaust air flow increase the possibility of fire. Lint is extremely combustible and is actually one of the primary elements for homemade fire starters.

Benefits associated with Dryer Vent Cleaning

Efficiency – A clean exhaust duct enables discharge of the heat, moisture and combustion by-products in the situation of a gas-fired dryer without resistance. The resistance will create back-pressure in the system. Without sufficient exhaust flow through the system, clothes take longer to dry, resulting in lost energy, natural recourses, and end result in elevated utility costs.
Appliance wear – If a clothes dryer requires two times as long to dry clothing as it ought to, the dryer?s service life would likely end up being cut in half. The dryer operating at needlessly greater temperatures can reduce the life even more. This can easily lead to the heating element burning away, or even fire could ignite as a outcome associated with worn out out safety equipment.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

High Dusting?

Parking Lot Cleaning

Trauma & Industrial Accident Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning
The number one cause for residential fires, in North America, is clogged dryer vents. Have your vents cleaned
today and reap from the many benefits; save on energy, save on money, dry clothing faster and more efficiently,
eliminate fire hazard, increase lifespan of dryer and improve indoor air quality.

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