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We {are proud of|take pride in} our {continuous|constant|continual|ongoing|steady|consistent|frequent} {service|support service} to the {petroleum|petrol|fossil fuel|gas|natural gas} {industry|sector}, both in our {home|base|home base} city {as well as|in addition to} province-wide. {We are|we’re} {committed|dedicated|devoted} to {the best|the very best|the most effective|the most ideal|the leading} {technology|systems|techniques} {because|given that|just because} {experience|practical experience|prior experience} tells us it {boosts|increases|improves|enhances|raises|beefs up|amplifies} {productivity|efficiency|performance|productiveness}, which {enables|allows|makes it possible for} your oil field {operation|business|enterprise} to {function|work|operate|perform|run} {smoothly|efficiently}. Our oil field {services|solutions|options|professional services} are in support of your {goals|objectives|targets|aims|intentions} and our {customers|clients|patrons} {tell|inform|advise} us we are {a trusted|a relied on} {partner|companion} in {helping them|enabling them to|assisting them to|allowing them to} {hit the mark|hit their mark} for {productivity|efficiency|performance|productiveness|work productivity|output}.

{One|A single|An} example of our {dedication|commitment|devotion|passion} to {leading edge|cutting edge|state-of-the-art} {technology|systems|techniques} is our {scrubbing|cleaning} system. This {revolutionary|innovative|advanced|cutting edge|state-of-the-art} internal {pipe|pipeline|piping|duct} {cleaning|washing|scrubbing} {system|unit|device|system|machine} has custom {designed|developed|created} {cleaning|cleansing|washing} nozzles, {which|that} {travel|journey|go|move} {through|throughout} the {pipelines|pipes} and is {forced|pushed|pressed} against the {internal|interior|inner} wall in order to {scour|scrub|rub|brush|scrape} off even the {toughest|most difficult|hardest} scaling and to {power|force|blast} through {blockages|obstructions|clogs|impediments|obstacles}. This {system|method} is {light|lightweight|small} enough for {portable|mobile|mobile or portable} use, {which makes|that makes} it {ideal|perfect|optimal|suitable|excellent|appropriate} for oil field services. It {can be|could be} operated in {small|little|tiny|smaller} and hard to {maneuver|navigate|work} areas, {as well as|in addition to} on {elevated|raised} platforms. The system is powered by {a portable|a compact|a mobile or portable} hydraulic {unit|system}.

For {more than|over|in excess of} a decade we have {provided|supplied|delivered} vacuum trucks and operators to the {petroleum|oil|petrol|crude oil|fossil fuel|natural gas} industries. Our {superbly|expertly} trained {operators|technicians} use {standard|conventional} {liquid|fluid} vacuum trucks; and our {equipment|devices|tools|gear} superiority {extends|expands|stretches} to a high performance Gulper {cleaning|clean-up} system. This {next-generation|next-gen} unit has {responded to|reacted to} the specific needs of the {petroleum|oil|petrol|crude oil|fossil fuel|natural gas} sector. It delivers 5300 {cubic feet per minute|CFM} with a {28 inch|60 centimeter} maximum vacuum level. The increase in {operating|working} {speed|rate} has proven {essential|vital|crucial|critical|indispensable} to {successful|effective} oil field {services|companies}.

Our {hydro|liquid|fluid} excavating service {enables|allows|permits|makes it easy for} us to dig the holes you need, or to {clear|remove} {dirt|debris} or {gravel|rocks} around vertical pipes. The {technology|systems} allows us to {accomplish|execute|carry out} {excavation|digging} around gas pipelines, drilling rigs, and at any location where {conventional|traditional|standard|typical|regular|old-fashioned|usual} excavating and digging could cause {risk|danger|a threat} or {damage|damages|destruction}. Pressurized water {excavation|digging} not only {eliminates|does away with} damage to the pipe or other equipment, but also keeps the {worksite|jobsite} clear by {vacuuming away|removing} the material as it is excavated. These high-tech oil field services are the clear alternative to a backhoe or shovels and are very precise and fast in comparison.

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