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Calgary Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Calgary Exhaust Hood Cleaning – The City of Calgary is becoming our southern hub for our exhaust hood cleaning services, the City of Calgary has many restaurants, large industrial, commercial and oilfield companies that us our exhaust hood cleaning services so it just made sense to open our ‘southern hub’ here. NFPA 96 Fire Code requires every commercial kitchen to fully clean their exhaust hood systems depending on the volume of cooking performed at the location, you can see the recommended schedule here.

All of A1 SCS’s Calgary Exhaust Hood Cleaning technicians are trained to find hidden areas of grease and remove them, eliminating the fire hazard. Our technicians clean the entire system to fire code which includes the range hood, the ducting and the typical roof mounted exhaust hood fan. Kitchen exhaust hood fans are a very important part of your commercial kitchen, not cleaned properly it will become inefficient and spin slower, the slower your fan spins the less smoke and grease that it is removed from your system creating fire hazards.
Our professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaners will provide you with before and after pictures proving the cleanliness of your system for peace of mind, fire code and your insurance.

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Areas Serviced From The Calgary Branch

The Calgary Exhaust Hood Cleaning branch services the following areas for exhaust hood cleaning or sometimes called range hood cleaning:

1. Airdrie

2. Cochrane

3. Okotoks

4. Chestermere

5. Canmore

6. Banff

7. Black Diamond

8. High River

9. Crossfield

10. Carstairs

11. Priddis

12. Didsbury

13. Beiseker

14. Drumheller

If your commercial kitchen requires exhaust cleaning services please call us toll-free at 1-844-992-1727 for a free estimate.

For exhaust hood cleaning services in Edmonton or Red Deer Click on the links.

Any kitchen that prepares food for the public on a regular basis must have their kitchen exhaust hood system cleaned (called a range hood cleaning) regularly as defined by NFPA 96 or regional fire code. This consists of, but not restricted to, dining establishments, long-term care residences, medical facilities, churches, primary schools, intermediate schools, secondary schools, universities, colleges, armed forces bases, cinemas, prisons, jails, race course, amusement park, bowling allies, corner store, oilfield camps and any other commercial kitchen.

Just How the Kitchen Area Exhaust System Functions:

Grease from your business food preparation procedure is extracted from the kitchen using your exhaust hood and the baffle filters, right into the plenum, up the grease duct. Regular Exhaust Hood Cleaning, as detailed by NFPA-96 standards, will maintain all these components reducing the hazardous grease accumulation and protecting against fire risks from ever existing!

For Calgary Exhaust Hood Cleaning please call toll free 1=844-992-1727.


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