A1 Services specializes in providing industrial, commercial and residential specialty cleaning services to businesses just like yours. We are locally owned and operated. Our WholeClean maintenance program can provide your business with quality commercial cleaning care. I would be pleased provide and demonstrate how you can benefit from our well laid out specialty cleaning maintenance program. Listed below are the services that we can provide to your company



  • Furnace & Duct Cleaning: We spend the vast majority of our lives indoors, yet many don’t consider how important indoor air quality is. A dirty furnace and ducts can contribute to poor air quality within the home. Poor indoor air quality is seen as a contributing factor or cause in many respiratory ailments, including asthma. At A1 Services we use professionally NADCA trained crews and top-quality equipment to clean your furnace & ducts thoroughly and completely.
  • Carpet Cleaning: A1 Services unique method to carpet cleaning provides a superior encounter and simply leaves your house Drier, Cleaner and Healthier. A1 Services uses the strength of carbonation to extract more dirt and grime from your carpets, providing them a deeper clean.
  • Commercial Range Hood Cleaning: First and foremost, here at A1 Services we clean your kitchen exhaust system to National Fire Protection Association Code 96 standards. A typical cleaning con-sists of removing grease or greasy grunge from the hoods, plenums, filters, fans and ducts.
  • Commercial Pressure Washing: A1 Services offers complete pressure washing services for your residential, commercial and industrial projects. Water-based cleaning is the most effective method to clean surface dirt, faded paint, mold or mildew build-up, discoloration, and environmental pollutants. Our truck mounted and portable units are capable of cleaning with both hot and cold high-pressure water flows.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning: Why waste a lot more time and energy “trying” to wash your own stubborn floor areas that old style method? A1 Services offer’s fast, effective, and inexpensive solutions that work on almost any hard surface: natural stone; travertine; brick; concrete; and stucco. We can do it all — vertical or horizontal.

Why Settle For Poor Service? A1 Services uniquely grouped services are designed to assist both the public and commercial sectors. With our public and commercial sector experience, we bring to our work an understanding of processes combined with a commitment to client focus and satisfaction. Through the recruitment of high quality staff and the application of rigorous peer review standards, we ensure that we provide first class services. As we are located in Fort McMurray, we can maintain close contact with our clients.