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Oilfield ServicesDoing business in the oilfield services requires special education, safety and loads of insurance. A1SCS has been doing business in the oilfield for the past ten years and is fully qualified for work on pretty much any site. Please go to our safety and certifications page to learn more.

All of our technicians have the appropriate training and PPE to make sure they are maintaining a safe working in that environment. You can go to our safety page located here to see all the different safety programs that we are part of. A1SCS also hires NCSO safety officers to provide reporting and assistance to our staff and yours.

We Are Prepared To Offer Oilfield Services And Work On Industrial Sites

Working on industrial sites such as oil field sites or major manufacturing brings its own
unique challenges. Technicians have to have a high level of training over and above their
normal job duties. Providing work for industrial sites and oilfield services brings a much higher level of safety required
and most companies that do not work in the situations on a day-to-day basis are not
prepared for what is to come.

Edmonton Oil Field Services

Some of the challenges faced are:
1. Technician safety training- that matches the requirements of the industrial site. These
requirements are typically much higher than the requirements to work on non-industrial
sites. Our technicians to perform work on industrial sites are drug tested
every 60 days and have all the proper tickets required for our workload.
2. Safety reporting- both the technicians and the company must be fully trained on how
to properly report safety concerns. Filling out FLHA’s and having the proper permits
in place to perform your job is commonplace on industrial sites. A1 SCS is
committed to safety, we have regular safety meetings, daily toolbox talks, and the
proper paperwork required for working on industrial sites.
3. Insurance requirements- industrial sites require a higher level of insurance then what
the typical company providing non-industrial services would have. A1 SCS carries an
additional $5 million in insurance so that we can confidently work on industrial sites.
4. Job procedure forms- having proper job hazard assessment forms ready is critical for
working on industrial sites. A1 specialty cleaning services have all of our JHA’s ready
to go.
5. Equipment- we have the proper equipment required to perform work on industrial
sites in our job category, but it doesn’t stop there we know there are rules on what we
can carry on our trucks and we only carry those things. Our trucks are fitted with first
aid, fire extinguishers, spill kits, MSDS for all chemicals that we carry and our
equipment is routinely checked mechanically.

We provide many services for oilfield services they are:

1. Exhaust Hood Cleaning

2. Furnace And Duct Cleaning

3. Dryer Vent Cleaning Services
4. Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Services

5. Commercial Janitorial Services Edmonton

6. Pressure Washing Services

7. Exhaust Hood Inspections Services

Free Hood Inspection

A1 SCS is proudly locally owned and operated right here in Alberta.


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