Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Namao

Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Namao

Exhaust Hood CleaningExhaust Hood Cleaning – Every Commercial Kitchen in Namao Needs It! – A1 specialty cleaning services is an IKECA and Phil Aclands certified exhaust hood cleaning company. We have been in business for over 10 years serving commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. We predominately cover central and northern Alberta but we also travel throughout Western Canada for larger industrial sites such as the oil sands. A1 is a bonded and insured, and certified company for kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. Our main goal is to make sure that your commercial kitchen stays compliant with NFPA 96 standards. We don’t stop at just cleaning exhaust hood systems, we assist with other services related to health and safety of your kitchen.

Some of our other services include installing access doors for your grease ducting, roof protection kits that trap grease that is exhausting out of your rooftop fan, stopping it before it collects on your roof causing damage. We also install hinge kits so that your exhaust fan can be safely tipped over for servicing, and we can provide new grease filters for your kitchen hoods if you are missing any or some become damaged.

A1 Specialty Cleaning Services has the reputation of providing exhaust hood cleaning Namao customers with consistent high-quality service every single time. We know but the service we perform is not only cleaning but it is also protecting lives from potential fire. Our main job is to protect your property, employees, and clients to your commercial kitchen space.

What does it mean to be compliant with NFPA 96 standards?

Many business owners are under the misconception that exhaust hood cleaning Namao is simply a cosmetic process. Nothing could be further from the truth, exhausted cleaning is about fire prevention and staying within the standards set by NFPA 96.

This means that the entire exhaust hood system must be cleaned on a regular schedule. The schedule is determined by the volume of cooking performed by the commercial kitchen. A community center that only cooks once a week for a small amount of people is not going to be in the same category as a fast food restaurant that serves 1000 clients a day. Both have to follow the rules of NFPA 96 but the fast food restaurant is going to have to clean their system much more often.

What areas need to be cleaned of the exhaust hood system to stay in NFPA 96 compliance? The simple answer is the whole thing. This means you have to clean right from the canopy all the way to the exhaust fan typically located on the roof, and everything in between. Many companies will only clean the areas that can be seen by visual inspection. They simply clean the canopy and the hood filters and that’s it. Some companies will go a step further and include cleaning the fan on the roof but not the ducting that connects the canopy to the fan. This is not in compliance with NFPA 96.

Here is a list of the components that must be clean to stay in compliance with NFPA 96:

1. Kitchen Hoods
2. Horizontal and vertical grease duct
3. Grease fan and fan blades
4. Grease filters

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Namao Free Inspection

Are you sure that your exhaust hood cleaning Namao company is cleaning everything to these standards? If you have any doubt that your system is not being cleaned to NFPA 96 standards you can call us and we will come out and do a free inspection of your grease duct system. This is not just a free estimate for our services, by performing the service we make sure that your system is cleaned to the standard and report that back to you. There is no cost to you and no obligation for you to use our services following this inspection. We will provide you with an estimate and suggested service schedule but it is up to you to take action or not.

How is exhaust hood cleaning Namao performed?

Our technicians always follow a proven system that works every time:

1. We start by preparing your kitchen for cleaning by hanging plastic over kitchen equipment and counters that we do not want to get wet or have any chemical touch. We will also drape whites a plastic along the hood, this is called hood wrapping. The plastic is funneled into a drainage barrel that will collect all the water in Grease during the cleaning process. We will also take your baffle filters out of the grease hood and set them in a chemical solution to soak during the rest of the cleaning process.
2. The next step in the process in the first step in the cleaning process is that we will go onto your roof and spray your exhaust fan and the ducting that runs between the fan and your grease hood with a degreaser allowing it dwell time to break down the grease that has built up between cleaning.
3. We then use hot high-pressure water to spray off your exhaust fan and the grease ducting from the top down to the bottom. If your grease ducting takes turns or is extremely long we will search for other access panels that will allow us to do a better job. It is also NFPA 96 code but you have an access panel in your grease ducting every change of direction and every 10 feet.
4. The next step in the cleaning process is to clean the grease hood itself, we sprayed the grease hood with a chemical solution and allow the degreaser to go to work. We then use high-pressure water to spray off all areas of hood followed by hand scrubbing and polishing.
5. The final step in the cleaning process is to spray off your baffle filters making sure that they are completely free of all grace, they are then allowed to drip dry and returned into the grease hood.
6. We finish the job off by removing all plastic, tools, chemicals, and wastewater from the location, and sweeping and cleaning the floor in the hood area. Your system is turned back on and tested to make sure that everything is in proper working order. After the cleaning service has been performed in the technicians are ready to leave the worksite they will put a completion sticker on the hood but will let you know when your next cleaning is due. This is what the fire marshal is going to be looking for when they inspect your system. Once our technicians get back to the office they will write an after service report complete with pictures that will be mailed to you. The after service report is critical for the business owner as this provides them with any deficiencies that their system might have and need attention. It is a requirement of NFPA 96 for the cleaning company to provide the business owner with an after service report.

We provide services in these locations: Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge

Additional services for exhaust hood cleaning

Grease duct approved access doors
Grease ducting is very different from HVAC ducting, is typically seal welded by code so the grease is not allowed to drip out of it at any point. Grease duct access doors are also different from the typical HVAC access door, they are meant to handle extreme temperatures and have a seal that runs the circumference of the access door. The seal is designed to prevent grease from dropping out. Having a grease axis door installed allows our cleaning crews to properly complete an NFPA 96 compliant cleaning. For more information on approved grease access doors, you can read NFPA 96 standard 7.3 2011

Exhaust Hood hinge kits: To perform a proper exhaust hood cleaning Namao Service, the company must be able to
tip over your exhaust hood fan allowing them access to both the bottom of the fan area and to the grease ducting that runs from the fan all the way down to your range hood. These fans can be quite heavy, to safely tip them over they should be fitted with a hinge kit that will secure the fan in place in an angled position.

Grease collection systems: It always amazes us to see how many exhaust hood cleaning systems do not have a grease
collection system attached to it. The grease that is drawn out of your restaurant through the exhaust fan is deposited onto The businesses roof. This is an extreme fire hazard and also very damaging to many roofing systems. For this reason, a properly installed grease collection system is highly recommended and little known it is also a requirement according to NFPA 96 standard ( Given enough time grease will turn into a caustic material and can damage the roof, this can lead to major repair expenses or even flooding.

Baffle filter replacement: Your baffle filter is a flame or spark suppressant, it is designed to stop any sparks coming off
of your kitchen equipment from reaching your grease ducting where it might ignite and cause a dangerous and expensive grease fire. You’re not allowed to have gaps between baffle filters or completely take them out during operation. According to the NFPA 96 standard grease filters must be arranged to make sure that all grease is passed through the grease filter before being exhausted. For further information on this, you can refer to the NFPA standard 96 (

Kitchen equipment cleaning: Ask and you shop for and they will tell you that food preparation is a messy business, but no matter how big or small the kitchen is extremely important to have a clean working area. A1 Specialty Cleaning Services has more than 10 years experience in cleaning exhaust hood systems, kitchen equipment, kitchen flooring and general restaurant janitorial services. Our skilled workers come in after the restaurant is closed and fully clean all areas required
before the restaurant is open for business again. Having a clean kitchen is not only required by law also provides a much safer environment for your staff and I’m more of a statically appealing look for your clients.

We provide services in these locations: Grande Prarie, Lloydminster, Airdrie, Regina

General pressure washing services: Our professional services don’t stop on the inside of the building, we also offer Gen pressure washing services such as cleaning the outside of your building, your awnings, signage, and windows. If your sidewalks have lots of stains or are covered in gum we are able to remove that for you bringing the appearance of your restaurant up to par. The area surrounding your grease bin is notorious for getting dirty and smelly. Our professional pressure washing services are able to clean up this area making it look much better and reducing the odor from the area.

Commercial duct cleaning services: Restaurants commercial HVAC systems need to be cleaned every so often to make sure no dust or debris is coming out of your diffusers. Are professional commercial duct cleaning services will clean both the inside of the ducting and the outside pipes that customers can see. This not only improves your indoor air quality but it also improves the look and lighting of your restaurant. If your restaurant has an exhaust hood system it is also going to have a makeup air system that replaces all be here that is being exhausted from the kitchen. The makeup air needs to be cleaned from time to time to make sure that no dust is coming out of the diffusers and being deposited into your food. A dirty makeup air system can also lead to ventilation problems if you are not able to replace the amount of air that is being sucked out of the building with your make up air unit the air will find another way in such is under doors or windows.

Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning: Restaurants have to work very hard at keeping up their clean appearance, making sure that your flooring whether it is tile, wood, or carpet is clean is very important for the overall appearance. Our professional carpet cleaning services will keep your carpets looking their absolute best, even in high-traffic areas. If any of your furniture is upholstery we can also clean that at the same time.

Kitchen grease trap cleaning: Did you know that your kitchen grease trap or grease interceptor cannot have more than 25% fats, oils, grease and solids combined in it at any one time? You have to have your grease traps cleaned or you run the risk of being shut down by the health department. You must have your grease traps cleaned out a minimum of every 90 days or if you have more than 25% build up at any given time whichever one comes first. You also need to keep an inspection record and a record of all maintenance activities related to your grease trap but is available to help inspector should they ask for.

Carbondale, Lancaster Park, Saint Albert, Bon Accord, Morinville, Beverly, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Strathcona

Conclusion: A1 Specialty Cleaning Services wants to be your one-stop shop when it comes to keeping your commercial kitchen or entire facility clean. As a reminder here is a list of the services that we provide:

1. Exhaust hood cleaning Namao
2. Grease duct access door installation
3. Exhaust fan hinge kits
4. Exhaust fan grease collection systems
5. General pressure washing services
6. Commercial Duct Cleaning
7. Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning
8. Tile floor cleaning
9. Commercial Janitorial Services
10. Commercial kitchen equipment cleaning
11. Restaurant grease trap cleaning
12. Exhaust hood baffle filter replacement

Our goal is to keep all your restaurant equipment and facilities clean, sanitized, safe, and up to code so that you do not have any unnecessary downtime and save on repair costs.

A1 Specialty Cleaning Services is a full-service commercial kitchen cleaning company, we offer a wide range of services and products to help you run your business. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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