Rope Access Services

Get live eyeballs where you need to have them the most using our specialty rope access and confined space inspection services. A1 SCS has carried out many visual and photographic inspections of all kind of hard to reach high or constricted areas. Our technicians are the very best at going where the competition simply can’t. Although Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) definitely have their part in hard to access assessments, there is simply no substitute for a straightforward human assessment. Save money on pricey drones and snooper equipped vehicles that can only give you a superficial glance with limited equipment. Our rope access inspectors can easily provide you with live video streams, written detailed reports and photographic or video documentation – in addition to having a couple of knowledgeable eyes right there at the source.

We have a range of highly skilled individuals to finish projects quickly and safely. Our rope access techniques are much safer than traditional methods with training regulated by governing bodies. Our workers aspire to accomplish projects in a shorter time frame than typical strategies, saving both time and capital.

Find out more about our services such as painting, window cleaning or high access maintenance below

We partner with our clients to provide top-level project management solutions engineered for their necessities and most important, to reduce risk. We know that our clients have outside and industry pressures beyond their control so when we create an option, it’s a custom-made plan built upon our years of knowledge.

We’re proud to offer the following services, with a focus on safety and efficiency.

Rope Access Services

  • Paint Applications (Brush, Roller or Spray)
  • Containment Systems
  • Inspection (NACE Inspectors)
  • Spot fixes and Touch ups
  • Highrise ventilation cleaning
  • Highrise glazing
  • Window Washing
  • Steeplejacks
  • Scaling operations
  • Rock screen and rock bolting
  • Wind turbine blade repair services
  • Pressure washing and window cleaning
  • Fall protection anchors
  • Installing communications equipment
  • Installing sensors and instruments
  • Welding and Iron Repair Service
  • Concrete Repair work
  • Masonry repair services
  • Flashing and installs and repair services

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