Safe & Efficient High Rise Services

Our highrise maintenance {team|crew|unit} {delivers|provides|offers} {unparalleled|unrivaled|exceptional|unequaled} safety and {service|professional service} {excellence|quality} for building {envelope|exterior|facade} {maintenance|upkeep|servicing|repair and maintenance|repairs and maintenance},highrise {window|windowpane|glass} {cleaning|washing}, {commercial|industrial|business} pressure washing and {vent|duct|air vent|ventilation} cleaning. {We|Our firm} have {a professional|an expert} {team|group|staff} of highrise {maintenance|upkeep|repair and maintenance|repairs and maintenance} workers {that|which} will {ensure|guarantee|make sure|make certain} you {consistently|regularly|constantly|continually} {receive|get} the {services|solutions} that you {deserve|are entitled to}. Our {roster|lineup} of highrise {maintenance|repair and maintenance} {workers|personnel} is certified by IRATA and work under the supervision of a level 3 IRATA supervisor.

Saftey is Our Number 1 Concern

We employ only {highly|extremely|very} {experienced|skilled|seasoned} and {certified|qualified} IRATA {technicians|specialists|service technicians|professionals} {working|operating} under the {supervision|guidance|direction} of trained IRATA supervisors. Our {technicians|specialists|service technicians|techs} are {industry|market} experts, with {thousands of|countless|hundreds of|numerous} hours of {experience|practical experience|prior experience} pressure washing and {performing|carrying out|doing|executing|completing} other {maintenance|repair and maintenance|repairs and maintenance} work {while|whilst} suspended {from|off} rope systems.

It is our {continued|ongoing} {aim|objective|goal|ambition} to {lead|top} the highrise {maintenance|servicing|repair and maintenance} {industry|market} to a higher level of {efficiency|effectiveness}, {excellence|quality}, {professionalism|expertise} and safety.

We’re proud of our flawless Safety record, which we achieve through strict adherence to the following:

  • Our {formalized|defined} Health and Safety program
  • The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association Code of Practice
  • (IRATA) Written {Operating|Working} Procedures.
  • {Adherence|Obedience|Faithfulness} to all WorkSafe health and safety regulations
  • {Technicians|Service technicians|techs} are {independently|individually} certified by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association
  • Supervisors {all|each} carry OFA first-aid certification
  • Written safety {meetings|gatherings} are {conducted|carried out|performed}
  • Site-specific Fall Protection Plans are {implemented|executed|applied|employed}
  • {Before|Prior to} any job {begins|starts|initiates} written rescue plans are {generated|produced|created}.
  • All {technicians|service technicians|techs} are rescue trained.
  • {Technicians|Service technicians|techs} never work alone.
  • All life safety {equipment|devices|instruments} is inspected and documented regularly.
  • Full 100% redudant safety systems are always used.
  • {Industrial|Commercial|Industrialized} standards for {personal protective equipment|PPE|Personal Safety Gear} are strictly {adhered to|followed|complied with}.
  • All tools are on {lanyards|lines}.
  • We {adhere to|follow|comply with} the Highest Standard of Safety.

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