Repairs & Maintenance

{We|Our team} specialize in {difficult|challenging|tough|hard} to {access|get to|reach} and {work|work on} at {height|elevation} solutions for {industrial|industrialized} and commercial {applications|functions|uses}. We {provide|offer|supply|deliver} industrial access {technicians|specialists|service technicians|professionals|experts|techs} and steeplejacks for {elevated|raised|high} {structures|buildings} {like|such as} highrise {buildings|structures|properties}, {chimneys|smokeshafts|chimney stacks|stacks}, church steeples, bridges and towers that {require|need|call for} {solutions|strategies|approaches} to {maintain|preserve|take care of|look after} them. Let our {professional|specialist|qualified|experienced} {experts|pros} in high angle {rigging|equipment|tackle} and {confined|restricted|constrained} {spaces|places} be your {solution|answer}.

Repairs in Tight Places

We are {experts|professionals|specialists|pros} at getting into {challenging|difficult|tough|daunting|demanding} {work|job} {positions|places|locations} {in order to|so as to} {carry out|perform|accomplish} {a multitude|a wide range|a wide variety} of tasks, {without|without having|free from} the use of scaffolding, bosun’s chair, swing stage, or snooper trucks. Rope Access {can be|is often} {a cost effective|an affordable|an economical} {alternative|option|solution} to scaffolding and other {techniques|methods|strategies} when access is {difficult|tough|hard} and there is {a relatively|a fairly|a reasonably} {small amount|small amount} of {labor|work|labour} that {needs to|has to|should|will need to} be done, making other {methods|techniques|approaches} {cost prohibitive|too expensive|too costly}. {Often|Frequently|Commonly} when painting {large|big|sizable} structures and {performing|carrying out|doing} other {elevated|raised|high} maintenance {work|tasks} scaffolding can account for up to 50% of the cost.

Our {technicians|specialists|service technicians|professionals|experts} {come from|hail from} {a wide variety|a wide range} of industries and trades, {have|possess} highly {diversified|varied} skill sets and {are proficient|excel} in {a variety|a range|an assortment|an array|a number} of work {methods|techniques|approaches|procedures}, {tools|instruments} and equipment.
We can {provide|offer|supply} {skilled|experienced|proficient} trades people to {carry out|perform|accomplish|execute} {nearly|almost|virtually} any task at {height|elevation}.

tight spaces access and inspection

Services we offer

  • Highrise {vent|air vent|ventilation} cleaning
  • Highrise glazing
  • Window {Washing|Cleaning|Washer}
  • Building {facade|exterior} {repair|repair work|maintenance and repair|maintenance}
  • Steeplejacks
  • Caulking and {painting|paint|spray painting|repaint}
  • Scaling operations
  • Rock {mesh|screen} and rock bolting
  • Wind turbine {blade|edge} {repairs|repair work|repair services|maintenance and repairs}
  • Pressure washing and window cleaning
  • Installing {lighting|lighting fixtures} and {signage|signs}
  • Fall protection {anchors|supports}
  • {Installing|installation of} communications {equipment|devices}
  • {Installing|installation of} sensors and instruments
  • Welding and {Steel|Metal|Iron} {Repair|Repair Work|Repair Service|Maintenance And Repair}
  • Concrete {Repair|Repair work|Repair service|Maintenance and repair|Maintenance}
  • Masonry {repairs|repair work|repair services|maintenance and repairs}
  • Flashing and installs and {repairs|repair work|repair services|maintenance and repairs}

Rope Access {can be|could be} a cost {efficient|effective} {alternative|option|choice} to swing stage, scaffold, snooper trucks, bosun’s chair and elevated work platforms. It’s often much faster and cheaper way to have your windows cleaned, repairs completed, or tight access inspection performed.

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