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{We|Our team|Our company} have {a professional|an expert|a specialist|an experienced|a qualified professional|a skilled professional|a highly qualified} {team|crew} of {commercial|industrial|high rise} window cleaners {that will|that} {ensure|guarantee|make certain|assure|make sure that} you {consistently|repeatedly|continuously} {receive|get|are given} the {perfect|best} and {flawless|remarkable|impeccable|spotless} window {cleaning|service|washing} you {expect|count on|require} {every time|each time|every single time}. Our {workers|employees|staff members} are {certified|approved|qualified} by IRATA and work under the {supervision|guidance|direction} of a level 3 IRATA {supervisor|administrator|director|inspector}.

As the {leading|top|premier} rope access {work|job|services} company in {Canada|Alberta|Edmonton} we have {extensive|comprehensive|substantial|significant} access to {the most|among the most|the best and most|easily the most} {qualified|competent|certified|professional} {highrise|high rise} window {cleaners|washers} in the {industry|market|marketplace|profession}, and our {teams are|staff is} {comprised of|made up of} only {the best|the very best}. Our {technicians|specialists|professionals|experts} are {industry|market|marketplace} {experts|specialists|authorities} with {thousands of|countless|1000s of|numerous} hours of {experience|expertise|practical experience} {cleaning|washing} windows {while|when} suspended from {rope systems|ropes|rope equipment}. Check out our Edmonton High Rise Window Washing.

Our window {cleaners|washers} are different than {the competition|our competitiors|other cleaners}. A1 scs has {a reputation|a track record|a credibility and reputation} for {safety and professionalism|safety, professionalism and trust|safety and reliability}, and {routinely|regularly|often|typically} {works in|operates in|does work in} {tightly|closely} {controlled|managed|regulated} {industries|markets|sectors|marketplaces|business sectors|niches} {such as|for example,|for instance,} the {natural gas|gas|gasoline} and {petroleum|oil|petrol|crude oil} industries, hydroelectric power, and wind energy. We {follow|comply with|adhere to|observe} these {same|exact same|exact} strict {standards|requirements|specifications} for safety and {professionalism|expertise|reliability} when we {work in|operate in|do work in} the {commercial|industrial|business} and residential {building|property} envelope {maintenance|repair and maintenance|repairs and maintenance|care} industry. {It is|It’s} our {continued|ongoing|continuous|continuing|long term} aim to {lead|top} the to {a higher|a greater|a much higher|a better} level of {efficiency|productivity|efficacy}, excellence, {professionalism|expertise|reliability} and safety.

hirise window washing
We use only {environmentally friendly|eco-friendly} Green {cleaning products|cleaners|cleaning agents}. Our {unique|distinct|exceptional} window {cleaning|washing} formula will {insure|guarantee|ensure|make certain} that your {highrise|high rise} {building|property} {recieves|gets} a sparkling shine {every time|each time|every single time}, {without|without having} a negative {environmental|ecological} {impact|effect}.

  • Our formalized Health and Safety program
  • The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association Code of Practice
  • ( IRATA) Written Operating Procedures.
  • {Adherence|Obedience|compliance|conforming} to all WorkSafe {health and safety|health and wellness|safety} {regulations|guidelines|rules|requirements}
  • {Technicians|Specialists|Service technicians} are {independently|individually} {certified|accredited|licensed} by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association
  • Supervisors {all carry|have|all have} OFA {first-aid|first aid} certification
  • Written {safety|safety measure} meetings are {conducted|performed|conducted regularly|performed regularly}
  • Site-specific {Fall|Drop} {Protection|prevention} Plans are {implemented|incorporated|employed|used}
  • Before any {job|task|work|project} {begins|starts|commences} written rescue {plans|strategies|programs} are {generated|created|made}.
  • All {technicians|specialists|service technicians|techs} are rescue trained.
  • {Technicians|Specialists|Service technicians|Techs} {never|do not|don’t} work {alone|solo|on their own|by themselves}.
  • All life {safety|protection} equipment is {inspected|examined} and {documented|recorded|logged} {regularly|routinely|frequently}, {at least|a minimum of|at the very least|at minimum} {4|four} times as {often|frequently} as legally {required|called for|mandated|obligated}.
  • {Full|Complete|fully|completely} 100% redudant {safety|security|safety and security|protection} {systems are|equipment is} always used.
  • {Industrial|Commercial} standards for {personal|individual|personalized} protective equipment are strictly {adhered to|followed|complied with}.
  • All tools are on {lanyards|lines}.
  • We {adhere to|follow|stick to|abide by|comply with} the {Highest|Highest possible} {Standard|Criteria|Measure} of Safety.

Over the {last|most recent} several years there {has|has already} been {a massive|a huge|an enormous|a substantial|an extensive|a considerable} shift in {exterior|outside|facade|external|surface} {highrise|high rise} access {techniques|methods|strategies|procedures|approaches|methods} used for {window|glass} {cleaning|washing}. From {antiquated|old-fashioned|archaic} and {very|extremely|quite|remarkably} {unsafe|hazardous|risky|dangerous|perilous|treacherous} bosuns chair {systems|units|devices} that {only|just|merely|solely} {allow|enable|let} the {user|individual|tech|technician} to rappel down {a building|a structure|a facility} to newer, {industrially|commercially} proven rope access systems. {Industrial|Commercial|Professional} rope access systems {allow|enable|permit|make it possible for|let} {workers|employees} to {safely|safely and securely} {ascend|rise|move up}, {descend|go down} and {laterally|side to side} position themselves on rope in {complex|complicated|intricate|challenging} {vertical|upright|upward} areas. These rope access systems {have|have actually|have indeed|have certainly} proven superior to bosun’s chair {over|throughout|accross} the last {30 years|Thirty Years|Three Decade} and have been {used|utilized} {extensively|widely|frequently} {throughout|all throughout|through|all over|across} Europe and other parts of the world.

A1 SCS provides highrise window cleaning services to the cities of Edmonton.

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